Dahl's Recycling Education Programs:


  Waste Audit Kit                                            Station Tours

A waste audit kit is a great way to see what                            We are available to give tours of our East and South 

your trash is made up of so you can make                              County Recycling and Transfers Centers. We can 

a plan for reducing, reusing and recycling                              tailer your tour to the goals of the group. We can

We have a waste audit kit that local schools                           also provide recycling and reuse activities, and 

and community groups can borrow. The                                 educational presentations.

kit includes: a scale, tarp, disposable gloves,  

sorting signs, bag, bucket and forms.                                     

Contact us at our East/Central County offices if                   

you would like to borrow the waste audit kit.

We can also demonstrate how to conduct a

Waste audit and help you with your waste.                  




Waste Audit Information                                                  

Waste Sort Form                                                                    

Waste Audit Signs                                                               





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