Customer Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I place large cardboard boxes next to my recycling cart?

     A. Yes, large cardboard boxes can be placed next to your recycling carts. Styrofoam may not. 

Q. What happens if I have extra garbage?

     A. Extra charges will apply depending on how much extra garbage you have. If your lid is open it is a $2.00 charge. If you have extra garbage stacked next to your cart it is a $5.00 fee per extra cart.

Q. If I move from one address to another will you bring me new carts?

      A. Yes, however, there will be a $12.00 cart placement fee. To avoid this fee you may move the carts yourself. Please call our office to let us know you've moved.

Q. Can you get only recycle service?

     A. Yes, you can choose not to have a trash cart, but it will not reduce your monthly rate.

Q. Is the rate reduced if I do not have a recycle cart?

     A. No, it is a grouped service.

Q. On Curbside and Driveway Enclosure service, can I leave my cart behind a gate, on a porch or inside an enclosed area?

     A. You can leave your cart behind a gate or in an enclosed area, however, it must be pulled out of the garage and easily accessible to our drivers. We can not compromise the safety of our drivers to get to your carts. 

Q. Do you have to remove the carts when I discontinue my service temporarily?

     A. No, but an $8.00 minimum monthly fee will apply. If you choose to disconnect service, you will be charged a $25.00 reconnect fee upon restarting your service with us.

Q. Can my neighbor and I share a trash or recycling cart?

     A. Yes. One person must sign up for service. If you choose to share your carts please note that we do not handle neighbor disputes over usage.

Q. Is there a way I can pay online with my credit card?

     A. Yes! You can now pay online through our online bill pay. See the homepage for our link.

Q. How many warnings are allowed before recycle cart is pulled for contamination?

     A. Three warnings and then your recycle carts will be pulled. 

Q. If my cart has been pulled for contamination can I get it back and when?

     A. Yes, upon request with a $25.00 reinstatement fee.

Q. I was sent to collections and just paid. Can I restart prior to confirmation from collections?

     A. No. A confirmation that you have paid in full is required prior to restarting service.

Q. If I retrieve my carts from the Dahl Disposal Service office, am I still charged the $25.00 reinstatement fee?

     A. Yes, the $25.00 reinstatement fee is still in effect.

Q. Why do you have the $25.00 and $8.00 fees?

     A. We are a service. Like a utility company, we charge a basic rate for this service.

Q. If I am an On Call Customer, do I have to call prior to pick up or can I just put my carts out?

     A. You must call prior to your pick up day.